Welcome to Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve

Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve, nestled in the heart of Mpumalanga, is a true gem situated just 290 kilometers from Johannesburg in the enchanting Waterval Onder area. This pristine property encompasses a sprawling 257-hectare valley, cocooned by some of the most picturesque mountain terrain to be found in the entire Waterval Boven district.

At Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve, you’ll discover a haven that welcomes both you and your furry companions, offering pet-friendly private self-catering cottages and exclusive campsites along the tranquil banks of the Joubert Spruit. As you unwind in this idyllic setting, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the surrounding landscape through a network of well-marked self-guided hiking trails. The experience promises to be nothing short of captivating, with a chorus of birdsong filling the air and breathtaking scenery that will beckon you to return time and time again.

The ecological harmony of Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve is a testament to its commitment to preserving the natural world. Within this carefully contained ecosystem, you’ll encounter a remarkable array of wildlife, including bushbuck, baboons, klipspringers, duikers, steenboks, vaal reedbucks, vervet monkeys, leopards, genets, rooikats, and rock pythons, to name just a few of the resident species. Moreover, the skies above are alive with the presence of various bird species, from the majestic black eagle and the stoic steppe buzzard to a variety of kites and falcons.

In essence, Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve is a sanctuary where the beauty of nature, the diversity of wildlife, and the serenity of the outdoors converge. It’s a place where you can disconnect from the world’s hustle and reconnect with the wonders of the natural world. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or the chance to commune with the fauna and flora that grace this remarkable landscape, Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve invites you to experience the magic of South Africa’s untamed beauty.

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