A naturalist’s dream

Situated at the base of the escarpment below the Elands Falls, Rocky Drift Private Nature Reserve literally offers amateur botanists and naturalists the best of both worlds. It is the conjunction of Savannah, Mixed Lowveld Bushveld and Sour Lowveld Bushveld.

An abundance of striking Candelabra Aloes and Mountain Aloes bedeck the mountain slopes for miles around. Complemented by the woolly bottlebrush, sand lily, bright yellow Everlasting and golden star-drops, the profusion of colour is just inviting artists to start painting.

The sprawling planted and natural gardens along the banks of the Joubert Spruit will treat you to real yellowwood, cabbage trees, ouhout, wildfigs, bluebush, irises and Cape holly, while on the self-guided hikes into the mountains, you will be delighted by silverleaf stargrass, blushing ragwort, African Sandalwood and thousands of other plant species, including many of the 800 indigenous woody and riverine plants. 

We are in the process of labelling our trees. Come and discover the rich flora and share your expertise with us while you are at it!

Along the picturesque mountain and plateau hikes you will also encounter rich wildlife. The abundant vegetation and water have created a bird paradise for a vast number of bird species, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small antelope, primates and butterflies.

Birds include the crested francolin, emerald-spotted wood dove, spotted eagle owl, nightjar, robins, chats and many more. 

Looking for reptiles you may find Wahlberberg’s Velvet geckos, Southern Rock Agamas, spotted bush snakes, twig snakes, mambas, and a whole range of other geckos, lizards and frogs. Bushbuck, klipspringer, duiker, steenbok and reedbuck are seen regularly. 

The varied vegetation and plentiful water contribute extensively to a wide variety of butterfly species. Fungi and lichens will not disappoint either. 

You may find collybias, fly agaric, gold lichen, polypores and a host of others. For the amateur geologist, we have some of the oldest rocks on earth to interest them. Ancient greenstones, metamorphosed granites and African cratonic basement rocks in excess of 2 billion years will hold your attention.

Rocky Drift is family-friendly and is ideal for groups of enthusiasts to study the fauna and flora. We are situated only 290 km from Gauteng, making it an easy trip for a weekend. 

To really rest your soul, come for a week or longer on 257 hectares of pristine nature huddled in a kloof in the mountains below Waterval Boven! 

You have the choice of private self-catering cottages, exclusive caravan- and tent campsites and luxury bush tents. 

Have a traditional braai, cook your own food, or enjoy scrumptious meals from our cosy restaurant.

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